Who is this site for?

I rediscovered my love of sewing this year. This blog will feature pattern reviews, crafting, insider reviews on soon to be released patterns, sew-a-longs, and much more. The focus is mostly on indie pattern designers.


How did I get the name HattieLu?

My sewing label is in honor of my great-grandmother and great-aunt. Both were/are an inspiration to me! Granny Hattie taught me the importance of striving to achieve my dreams. Auntie Lu taught me how to sew.


15 Random Facts about Me

1~Call me Denita

2~I am from South Carolina

3~I refuse to drive a minivan.

4~I love the beauty of South Carolina; the mountains to the West and ocean to the East.

5~I am the mother of three boys. The wife of one.

6~ I have a B.S. in Political Science.

7~I love calla lilies.

8~I am a visual learner.

9~The most beautiful city in South Carolina is Charleston (IMO).

10~My favorite movies are “Top Gun”, “Gone with the Wind” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

11~I am overly picky and impatient.

12~ I am a Clemson University alumna.

13~ My favorite colors are orange, purple, and green.

14~ I am a stay-at-home mom by circumstance and now love it.

15~Jesus Christ is my Savior.


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