{FASHION} Spring Capsule, Part 2: Shoes

Spring Capsule Shoes

I’m back! Guess you’d thought I’d forgotten all about the Spring Capsule. Nope! It’s been crazy busy with some awesome behind the scenes things. Goodness, I better hurry before Spring is gone at this rate. Today, I’m going to talk about shoes! Yes, shoes. To be honest, this is the part where I fail the greatest as a fashionista. My shoe collection is basically tennis (sneakers) shoes and Crocs. There are two pairs of high heels, however, I hate wearing them. They’re just not comfortable for chasing children and since most of my day involves that….well….


What is a Spring Capsule Wardrobe?

What makes up a Wardrobe Capsule? Caroline Rector defines it as “a mini wardrobe made up of 37 really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear.” Before you feel your heart palpitating, you don’t have to throw away everything in your closet. Think about each season separately, then clear your closet except for those set number of pieces. Don’t let 37 pieces constrict you. The combinations are endless. For example, I only wear maybe 3 different pairs of shoes depending on the season. I don’t need to have 10 choices for shoes to make-up my 37 pieces. Since Spring is coming soon, let’s focus on creating a capsule for Spring only right now. Don’t forget to incorporate the Spring 2016 Pantone Colors!

Shoes for Spring Capsule

I’ve been working to find shoes that will work well for my lifestyle while being a little more fashion forward. To find the right combination, I tried on lots of shoes. I’m not going to lie that I was completely overwhelmed by the shear number of shoes available.

Ok, let’s talk about what’s available.


Are you hyperventilating like me? Stop, take a deep breath. You don’t have to “like” or choose every shoe listed here. Maybe those options aren’t practical for your lifestyle. Here are a few steps to help you decide:
1. Decide what you need the shoe to do.
2. Decide what color palette you’d like best.
3. Do you need a lot of different shoes or just a few to be interchangeable?
4. Can you use the shoe more than once?
5. What’s your price range?

Now that you’ve evaluated your needs versus your wants. What shoe or combination of shoes will work best for you? For my lifestyle, the D’Orsay and Slingback styles are styles I’d like to try next.

But what about these?


Now this graphic has all the shoes I typically wear. Flip flops, canvas shoes, Crocs, and pumps. See I’m pretty basic. What works for you from this list of shoe types?

Now, that you’ve seen almost every option imagined? Tell me what works well for you. What shoe would you like to try?


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