{FASHION} Trendy Tunic by Love Notions

For the Love of Dresses and Tunics: Love Notions Trendy Tunic

Welcome to HattieLu Handmade. Today, I’m discovering how much I like the Trendy Tunic and how wrong I was about it! Plus some Art Gallery Fabric from Mabel Madison.

Trendy Tunic by Love Notions HattieLu Handmade

Hi folks! Happy Tuesday! Today is my stop on the For the Love of Dresses and Tunics Blog Tour with Love Notions. Glad you’ve stopped by to talk Love Notions with me! I must confess when I first saw the Trendy Tunic in May 2014, I didn’t think it would fit my style. At the time, I wasn’t into dresses and tunic seemed to make me look wider. Not what this girl needed!

Trendy Tunic by Love Notions HattieLu Handmade

However, I really like Tami’s creations! I currently own 8 of 14 ladies patterns and all 3 of the boys patterns. When I saw the posting to participate in the tour, I signed up immediately. Originally, the Bluezette was the pattern I choose, then remembered about the Trendy Tunic. I hadn’t seen the Ladies Trendy Tunic getting a lot of attention. The girls Trendy Tunic gets lots of attention! You have to join Love Notions Pattern Support group to see all the awesome creations!

Trendy Tunic by Love Notions HattieLu Handmade

Well, as you can see, I took a chance on the Trendy Tunic. I must say all my reservations were completely wrong. The tunic is perfect for me. I don’t feel frumpy or larger than normal. The pockets give the Trendy Tunic the right amount of curvature for the illusion of a more defined waist. Isn’t great when your assumptions are wrong?!

Trendy Tunic by Love Notions HattieLu Handmade

I needed to make a few adjustments to fit my body. Now, remember you don’t have to be afraid to make adjustments. We are not all the same body shape, even though our numerical size is the same. I’m 5’2″ tall and DD cup. The pattern is drafted for 5’5″ and B cup. I cut size XL. To fit my height, I took 2.5″ off each pattern piece. To do this, simply find the “lengthen/shorten” line and measure the amount needed to be removed. Then fold the pattern piece to reflect to total length to be removed. Double check your pattern pieces by piecing them together. Now for the cup measurement, I made no adjustments. Why? The tunic flows away from the body style. My measurements (B-W-H) fit well within the pattern range. If the tunic would have been a more slim fitting pattern, it would properly work better to cut the size closest to my bust measurement and then do a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA). However, I will be honest that on the majority of my tops, I do not do a FBA.

Trendy Tunic by Love Notions HattieLu Handmade

Now, let’s talk fabric. I chose Art Gallery Looming Love Pastel and Art Gallery Tree Fleur Blanc from Mabel Madison. The Tree Fleur Blanc was from the Cherie Knit Collection. Art Gallery says of the Cherie Collection “A romantic collection narrating the life of a young and beautiful jet setter. She’s the type that will create a garden in the midst of a city. Cherie is modern, fresh, and airy with a hint of grunge.” Let me tell you….I HAD to have her the fabric! It is gorgeous. Ultra comfortable, almost like a pair of your favorite pajamas.

The Looming Love Pastel made me think about Valentine’s Day. I wanted another fabric that would complement Tree Fleur Blanc without being overpowering and RED! Yes, I get that Valentine’s Day tends to make you think of red; however, the tunic needed to be available for the entire Spring and Summer seasons. Looming Love Pastel is from the Art Gallery Etno Knit Collection. The color palette worked so well with matching the Tree Fleur Blanc. The use of tan, aquamarine, spiced yellow and ambrosia created the perfect complement.

Both fabrics are 95% cotton and 5% spandex knit fabric.


Trendy Tunic by Love Notions HattieLu Handmade

So my final verdict on the Love Notions Trendy Tunic…I really like it! I’m only one stop on For the Love of Dresses and Tunics Tour, so stick around to see other awesome Love Notion patterns. If you are stuck and need help fitting yourself, pop on over to Love Notions Pattern Support group. The folks in there are always willing to help!

So what do you think of my Love Notions Trendy Tunic?



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