{BLOG} Goal Setting: January Wrap Up

Wrapping up January 2016

Happy second day of February already! January is sign, sealed, and delivered. One of my goals for 2016 is to read more blogs. There’s such a wealth of information in the blogging sphere that I knew I could learn a lot from other bloggers. Some of them you have met through my Sunday Lately posts. Some you haven’t quite met yet. Bloggers have their own brand of sisterhood and it’s awesome to be apart.

One blog in particular caught my attention. She tracked her blog analytics and post them at the end of the month. I really like this idea. It gives me a chance to set clear blogging goals where I can be accountable. January was essentially my wake-up call to blogging. I have blogged in the past, but it’s been focused mostly on sewing. This year, my goal was to include more relevant content that reflected me as a person not just a seamstress. So far, it feels like I’ve done an o.k. job. The creative space available through blogging is very appealing to me. In this space, I can totally be myself. Hopefully, you like the direction of HattieLu Handmade so far this year. Below is a quick recap of my January blogging numbers and February goals.
Wrapping up January 2016

January Traffic Report

January Statistics

Page Views – 28,837
Visitor – 4,086

Social Media

February Blogging Goals

~ Reach 30,000 Page views
~ Be active in three (3) Facebook blogger groups
~ Write 3 engaging blog posts each week
~ Break 525 fans on Facebook
~ Increase social media engagement and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
~ Attend Blogging Over Breakfast’s daily Periscope chat
So let’s talk about your blogging goals for 2016? Did you set goals specifically for each month or just winging it? Tell me what you would like to accomplish for February 2016.

4 thoughts on “{BLOG} Goal Setting: January Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for sharing, I always love to read reports and plans like these, it inspires me when I happen to be in a blogging slump! My blogging goals are for the entire year, which gives me some wiggle room… I want to publish 100 posts, and get 1k followers on FB, IG and Twitter. Plus, I want to double my email list, so I think I will definitely need those 12 months, lol!


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