Sunday Lately #57

Hi everyone. It’s that time again for Sunday Lately with the Blogger Tribe. AND…I’m definitely hanging out with the late part of this week. Sorry, I’m so late tonight! It has been a week to say the least. Can you believe today is the last day of January? Goodness! Full steam ahead.

Sunday Lately #57: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, and Expecting.”

Sunday Lately


It took some doing to get this post up today. I usually write my Sunday Lately posts early Sunday morning. It gives me a chance to focus and prepare for the upcoming week. Well today, was awful! My laptop stopped working first thing this morning. I just corrected the issue at 9:30 p.m. tonight. All the hard work to get this laptop running made me like a whole day was wasted! Doing this laptop stuff all day was for the birds. Now to play catch up. The MacBook Pro is definitely starting to look so much better.


I have gained a better appreciation for my sewing. I am appreciating the fact that I know how to sew. The ability to sew has given me the confidence that had been lacking with ready to wear clothing. It became obvious to me over the last week how important this journey truly is to me. Appreciating the gifts that we individually possess can sometimes be hard to see.


How do you like my new blog set-up? I’ve been working hard to design a more appealing blog that fits my style. Designing is a hard concept for me. I always want to rush to see the finished project and mess up all the details. Made for Mermaids released the Megan Romper earlier this week (read my review). I’m designing my first Pinterest inspired full length pants romper. Decision time…would you like to see me in an off-the-shoulder romper OR backless romper? Help me decide!

Follow HattieLu Handmade’s board Romper & Jumpsuit Inspirations on Pinterest.//


I’ve been listening to the sweet hum of my vintage sewing machine this week. The sound is very soothing. I feel like my great-grandmother is sitting beside me teaching me each time the Singer hums.


Expecting to finish all the sewing projects for the next two weeks this week. Yes, I know it’s a challenge; however, I love challenges. Besides if I expect to finish, I’ll finish. It’s just in my make up to work super hard to get everything done ahead of the game. It feels good to finish a project ahead of time. Expecting to continue blogging at my current pace too. “I think I can, I know I can!”

Thanks for joining me this week for Sunday Lately. I hope you’ll enjoy the content this week. Don’t forget to tell me if my romper should be off-the-shoulders or backless? Your vote does count!

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Lately #57

  1. I had A LOT of issues with my laptop starting sometime before Thanksgiving and just getting fixed right as classes started up again last month. It would freeze and crash, I lost term papers… eventually it up and just stopped working. Had to get a new solid state drive, thankfully, it was under warranty, just barely! Fingers crossed yours gets sorted out for good!


  2. I love this, not the part where your laptop had a meltdown. It sounds like you had a great Sunday. I wish I could sew, good. I can’t really do straight lines, hah. I hope your off to a great week!


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