Sunday Lately #56

Happy Sunday! It’s time for Sunday Lately #56. Ok, so what is Sunday Lately? It’s a weekly link-up party for bloggers and their readers. We’re sharing a glimpse of how our most recent week went…electronically.

Sunday Lately #56: Planning, Loving,

Reading, Wishing, Feeling



I have been planning my Spring 2016 capsule wardrobe over the last week. I’m still at a loss for what I will actually wear. The thought of downsizing my wardrobe to just 37 pieces is a little daunting. Last Monday, I explored the trendy fashions for Spring 2016. Adding white shirts, pleats, ruffles, and off-the-shoulder styles seem to be the best course of action for a functional wardrobe for me. Using Free Notion’s Sudoku printable to plan will help give me a handle on what I want to accomplish. The majority of my clothing is made by me (except shoes and undergarments) so I’m always ready for a new challenge. Hopefully my plan to use my Pinterest board as inspiration will actually work this time!

Follow HattieLu Handmade’s board Spring 2016 Fashion on Pinterest.//



I am in love with the new pattern from Made for Mermaids, Mama Mya! I had the pleasure of testing the dress and tunic lengths. The dress is perfect for a night out on the town and pairing with boots or heels. The tunic length is well suited for chasing after my three boys. The fact that the pattern includes three different lengths (shirt, tunic, and dress) and three sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, and long) makes me love the versatility of the pattern. I love being able to show other women that they can make something especially for them without spending a fortune.



This week I have been reading several fashion and lifestyle magazine while trying to finish As I Lay Dying by William Faulker. You do “read” fashion magazines, right? I need more inspiration for my Spring 2016 capsule wardrobe. Typically, fashion is not my biggest concern…function is #1 on my list. I’m trying to commit to reading Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Essence. Full disclaimer here…I’m not going to promise or suggest that my Spring 2016 wardrobe will look like I walked out of a magazine; however, maybe I’ll gain some great styling tips.


The other people on the Eastern Seaboard will be cursing as I type this, but I’m wishing for more snow! Yes, as a Southern girl, I don’t see a lot of snow. I enjoy every minute of it. The excitement of watching the flurries and flakes fall to the grow just makes me happy! Really, really happy. The best part of a Southern snow storm…it is GONE in 3 days tops! Don’t get me, if I’m secretly wishing for another snow fall this year!


I am feeling excited and exhausted this week. All three kids were home Monday and Friday of this week. I had forgotten what it’s like to have all three together. The playful boy fighting lasted for 2 extra days. Too much excitement for this old mother 😉 It is a blessing that I have the privilege of spending long periods of time with my kids. This time will never repeat itself. Being able to enjoy the special moments is truly priceless. I’ll be feeling fine after things are back to normal.




6 thoughts on “Sunday Lately #56

  1. I feel like Becca puts us all to shame with our wardrobe planning. That girl has got it down! I’m excited to see what your spring wardrobe ends up being. I’m sure it’ll be amazing, I have no doubts.


  2. I love the Sudoku for planning the wardrobe! I’m working on my spring one too, but can’t really sew anything until after this little one is born! Oh, The waiting!
    I can’t wait to hear what you think of As I Lay Dying! I haven’t read that one since High School and have been thinking of picking it up again… All I can remember is “my mother is a fish”… LOL


  3. Found your blog through the Blogger Tribe (hi!!!!). I can’t say that I’ve ever committed to (or followed through on) “reading” a fashion mag — though I certainly keep them around long enough to hopefully do that. haha


  4. That top is adorable!!! I love the changes in the heart pattern on the fabric! Your blog is terrific! I’m glad I stopped by – I want to check out all your sewn clothes! You look so cute!


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