Sunday Lately #55

Happy Sunday! It’s time for Sunday Lately. Ok, so what is Sunday Lately? It’s a weekly link-up party for bloggers and their readers. We’re sharing a glimpse of how our most recent week went…electronically.


On my what a week! I’m completing my first week with Mabel Madison. I must say it has been super fun. There are a lot of new things coming soon. I’m happy to be on this journey of growth, learning, and re-invention. Working really hard to complete, As I Lay Dying by William Faulker this coming week. This is one of the books from my Reading Challenge 2016. Completing a task is so much fun! Now, I need to work on completing all those UFP’s sitting in the corner over there.


Yesterday, I visiting the outlet mall in Gaffney all by myself. That’s a visiting score for sure around here. The 30-45 minute drive with loud music and my thoughts was a perfect ending to my week. There was even this amazing new structure where the kids may be able to play in the future.



Ugh! I hate when I repeat the same mistakes again. Life is supposed to be a learning experience, right!? I get so frustrated with myself when I’m constantly repeating. Oh wait, isn’t that what sewing is all about? You’re essentially repeating the same skills learned over time. Epiphany! Thanks to the Disney Channel for repeating The Lion Guard five hundred times this weekend. {insert sarcasm}


Not much writing is being accomplished right now. The first week everything seemed to flow seamlessly. This week the motivation was slightly different. I must get back on track and be accountable to my goals. I know I can because I’ve found my Blogger Tribe.


I wish this came naturally to me. Well, really the time management part. There are plenty of hours in the day for me to accomplish my goals. I’m learning to schedule out my tasks more effectively. Read about great was to help reduce stress here. I’m working diligently to improve my focus and time management skills. Thanks to my Erin Condren Life Planner, I feel better about this prospect. Creating daily goals and tasks are wonderful for scheduling. Adding detailed notes is even better. My mind isn’t a steel trap like it once was. 

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe


4 thoughts on “Sunday Lately #55

  1. My brother and his girlfriend were just talking about this Lion Guard marathon. When we visited them this weekend, they said they’d seen the current episode that was playing twice just that morning. Their girls (2 year old twins) fell in love with the show instantly. … It reminds me of when their older sister (who’s 10 now) became obsessed with Shrek 2 — but only until Shrek became human, and then we had to start the movie all over again. One of those times where, though I love them dearly, I’m happy to just be the aunt. 🙂


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