{FASHION} Spring 2016 Pantone Colors

What’s your Spring 2016 Pantone Color?

Spring 2016 Pantone Colors

Right of the bat several colors scream my name! I love the Green Flash, Snorkel Blue, and Lilac Gray. This set of Pantone Colors is gorgeous. They are super versatile and I think I can see them being utilized in my wardrobe this Spring. Exciting!!!

Spring 2016 Pantone: Lilac Gray

The first color that really speaks to me is Lilac Gray. In all honesty, I would not normally pick a gray color palette at all! The Lilac Gray is perfect for being a neutral base for mixing colors. Can you imagine a Lilac Gray pantsuit with a Peach Echo top or Rose Quartz top? Or take you look a step further with just Rose Quartz pants, Lilac Gray jacket, and Fiesta top. Yes, I realize that one is pushing the envelope; however, Lilac Gray has great potential to make a splash!

Spring 2016 Pantone Color: Lilac Gray

Spring 2016 Pantone: Green Flash

The second color that I love is Green Flash. Ok, well I’m cheating on this one. I love, love, love the color green in general already. This is an obvious choice for anyone who knows me well. The Green Flash is a great way to break up some of the other Pantone colors. I envision a fun, funky, inviting dress with a mod pod style print accented with Green Flash, Fiesta, Serenity, Iced Coffee, and Snorkel Blue. Almost a nontraditional geometric dress. The Green Flash is fashion forward enough for Spring without the typical super bright neon style.

Spring 2016 Pantone Color: Green Flash

Spring 2016 Pantone: Snorkel Blue

And last, but not least, Snorkel Blue! Typically, I’m not a fan of blue. However, the way Snorkel Blue coordinates perfectly with the other Pantone colors is superb. Snorkel Blue pants with a Buttercup top or Fiesta jacket will knock your look out of the park. The easiness of utilizing Snorkel Blue as a main color palette or an accent to the remaining color palette makes it priceless. You can truly explore a mix of fun colors.

Spring 2016 Pantone Color: Snorkel Blue

How made the honorable mention list for me? Iced Coffee, Peach Echo, and Buttercup. I feel really energized by the possibilities for Spring 2016. Now to find a way to incorporate the colors into my Momiform and my handbags!

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board for all the Spring 2016 Pantone colors and some coordinating fashion outfits.

How excited are you about the Spring 2016 Pantone colors? What possibilities are you envisioning?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Hump Day?


9 thoughts on “{FASHION} Spring 2016 Pantone Colors

  1. I’m glad to hear that so many like the colors! I can envision myself wearing Buttercup and Fiesta and Peach Echo is starting to grow on me. But as a whole, these spring colors aren’t my cup of tea.


    • Yes! I couldn’t believe that this year’s Spring Pantone colors are absolutely everyone friendly! You’re right because most of the selections I could never figure out how to translate into everyday clothing. This is literally the best color palette ever!


  2. If you leave out serentiy, limpet shell, and green flash, I think those are already the colors of my spring wardrobe. I may incorporate a little more true yellow this year seeing as how most of my yellow is more along the neon lines.


    • Buttercup is a Spring color, but I’ve felt it was too bright for my style. I will definitely try to incorporate more color this year. This year’s Pantone colors are really the best (in my opinion) for everyday use for everyone!


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