{BLOG} Direction of the Blog for 2016

Hi everyone! It’s a new year and a new you! I feel as I failed on my blogging goals for 2015, but that in the past now! So moving forward, hopefully, I’ll be more consistent blogging about my adventures.

Originally, this blog was going to be used to feature just sewing creations and help support my business. However, I believe that life is fluid and so is a blog. This blog is moving in a different (semi different) direction for 2016. You’re going to see three main categories.


The first is Fashion. Yes, I realize EVERYONE has a fashion blog. Fashion tends to be about popular style. It can be distinctive and habitual based on trends. Interesting isn’t? I don’t think I have a true fashion sense. I choose things that are easy to mix and match or are quick sews. One of my favorite blogs to follow is Mimi G. She is an inspiration when it comes to sewing for yourself and being stylish. She has proven that “homemade” can be 100% fashionable. My goal with the fashion category is to explore great outfits that work well for busy moms, fitness conscious women, active boys, and the working woman. Fashion won’t be limited to just clothing, I’ll take a look at trendy handbags, accessories, and more.


The second is lifestyle. Often times, I see fashion and lifestyle blogged together. However, I plan to separate the two. They do compliment each other, but sometimes making positive lifestyle changes have nothing to do with fashion. The lifestyle category will focus on my interests. We will talk about sewing, travel, health, life planners, and maybe a little television. I will probably stay away from religion and politics since those are “hot button” issues in America. However, please be aware, as a political science major, I do enjoy intellectual conversation about how the American political system functions.


The third is review. Review is ever encompassing. I will explore sewing patterns and books for this category. Including books in the review category is a great way to encourage me to read more often. I have always loved reading, but haven’t been as committed as I once was. This platform will help motivate me to read. Reading is love! Sewing is my second love (after reading). I love to sew new things so I’ll be using the review category for strictly pattern reviews. If the pattern is just stylistic without a review, then it will be discussed under the fashion category.

So what do you think about my new categories and blog focus? Hopefully, this will help keep me motivated to talk about things that interest me and you too!!

The biggest question I’ve been asked is “what are your New Year’s Resolutions?” To be honest, I didn’t make any! I have set goals for 2016 and then monthly goals. This year is about maximizing my time, energy, and growing my business. Will you take the journey with me?



10 thoughts on “{BLOG} Direction of the Blog for 2016

  1. […] This week has been all about updating the blog. I’ve felt limited with the direction of my blog so for 2016 “go boldly where no man has gone before.” Not actually going where no man has gone before; however, this is a new adventure to me. I talked in depth about where the blog is headed here. […]


  2. I’m glad you’re exploring other sectors and looking for what works best for you with your blog. I’m excited to see the changes come!


  3. I adore everything you make, and look forward to seeing you tackle this space this year! My blog is also a mish-mash of life/sewing/making/etc…so it’s nice to hang with you in an e-sense on that. 🙂 Happy New Year, darling!


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