Summer Fun Series

What kid doesn’t love to have fun during the summer! It’s a beautiful day in South Carolina. Hot, but beautiful!! Can you believe we’re halfway through the year ALREADY!!? Thank you to Naptime Creations for having me join along for the Summer Fun Series! Summer Fun Series We love birds in our household! They enjoy watching birds come to our feeder. The more the merrier! We decided new birdhouses and a clever feeder would be the way to go.  What better way to incorporate a little bit of fun in our summer! Summer Fun Pinnable My boys are 3 and 2. They’re a little young to actually cut and build the birdhouse themselves, so the “big kids” did those steps. Before you begin building, you’ll need to determine what type of bird comes to visit your family. The most frequent of our bird guests are the Carolina Wren, Blue Jay, Mourning Dove, and Northern Cardinal. The Audubon Society’s Field Guide for Birds of North America is an excellent resource to determine what birds visit you!

The next question is how do you build a birdhouse? We used the free building guide courtesy of Lowes as inspiration. There are also birdhouse kits that can be purchased online and big box stores. Try craft stores for already constructed birdhouses. Want more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board!

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Now for the fun part! Each kid was able to paint the birdhouse any color they chose. Can’t you see how fun this is for kids? I had you at paint, right? We used Outdoor Acrylic Paint.


While the paint dried on the birdhouses, we switched gears to making the “bird feeders.” There are many different style feeders to construct. My do-it-yourself kids decided to make “Cheerios” inspired feeders. We all know why! So they could eat more than what ended up on the feeders. Actually, we choose the cereal feeders because my oldest has an allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. He’s not allowed to handle bird seed (tree nuts) or peanut butter. Double check the bird seed bag for potential allergens.

After the paint cured, the boys added their favorite character stickers to the birdhouses. We’re full of Minions and TMNT here! The boys enjoyed painting their birdhouses and eating Cheerios.


Thank you for joining us today! I hope you’ve found a craft worthy of your birds! I’d love to see what you’ve made!

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