{SALE} Women’s BundleUP: Essentials

Last Day for the Women’s BundleUP !!


Hi everyone! Hope you’re all getting ready for summer! Pattern Revolution‘s newest Women’s BundleUP sale will be available May 1-8, 2015!! It’s time for mamas to shine with some self-care sewing! So what designers are featured this time? Some of my most favorite!

  • Winter Wear Design’s Real Deal Jeans
  • Everything Your Mama Made’s Everyday Essentials
  • Golden Rippy’s Mykonos Tankini Collection
  • Filles a Maman’s Clemence Shorts
  • Jocole’s Shift Dress
  • ModKid’s Malibu Misses Dress
  • Love Notion’s Bluezette Dress
  • Violette Field Threads’s Ginger
  • Little Lizard King’s Petal Perfect Skirt
  • Greenstyle Creations’s Jillian Tank and Sports Bra
  • Terra’s Treasures’s Pier 7 Top

•$4.50 each for 6-7 ($27-31.50 total)
•$4.25 each for 8-9 ($34-38.25 total)
•$4.00 each for 10 or more ($40- $44 total)

Sadly today is the absolute last day to pick up the Women’s BundleUP from Pattern Revolution. If that wasn’t the fastest 7 days ever, I don’t know what was! I know there was a lot of talk about sizes not being large enough or that pattern doesn’t look right. Just remember with any pattern…it’s a pattern! Meaning that pattern is a guide to help you achieve the perfect fit for your body! You simply can’t beat the price of the patterns when you BundleUP. Besides, as your experience level increases you’ll be able to graft those patterns to larger sizes, if necessary OR maybe you’re on the weight loss journey (like me) and once you’re finished you’ll be within those size ranges.


Today, I’m reviewing EYMM’s Everyday Essentials. This set is absolutely fabulous. Yes, originally it was meant as undercover wear; however, have you seen how versatile all of the options really are in real life!?

The Everyday Essentials are perfect pieces for layering up. Back in the old days, my mom ensured that my sister and I had slips on underneath our dresses. This entire set reminds me of those hot summer days spend wearing a slip. All of the pieces included can be made of knit fabric; however, it is important to use knit with a least 30% stretch. The Sleeping Bra is great for nursing. The Camisole is a perfect layer piece to match with the Four Seasons Cardigan and Duster.

eymm essentials half slip long 1

The Chemise is great as a summer nightgown (available at knee length and below knee length). The Slip is great for layering under maxi skirts made of sheer fabric for that sexy night out on the town with hubby.This entire set is a great addition to your wardrobe.

One of the awesome features is there are three different cup sizes available for the bodice. That means you’ll be able to get the perfect bust coverage without failing out, pushing up, or hanging out! Included are different finishing techniques for the neck, arms, and hemline. The bra, camisole, and gowns are all nursing and maternity friendly!

eymm essentials chemise above 1

Everyday Essentials is available in sizes XS to 5X. There are BONUS maternity modification directions included! Don’t delay! You need this set!

If you missed my post about the Mykonos Tankini Collection read about it here. If you missed my post about the Real Deal Jeans read about it here.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!! There are two different ones. First, the Giveaway for the entire bundle week. Click here for that one. Second, the Giveaway a Day only lasts ONE day.




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