{SALE} Women’s BundleUP: Real Deal Jeans

The Women’s BundleUP is live!!


Hi everyone! Hope you’re all getting ready for summer! Pattern Revolution‘s newest Women’s BundleUP sale will be available May 1-8, 2015!! It’s time for mamas to shine with some self-care sewing! So what designers are featured this time? Some of my most favorite!

  • Winter Wear Design’s Real Deal Jeans
  • Everything Your Mama Made’s Everyday Essentials
  • Golden Rippy’s Mykonos Tankini Collection
  • Filles a Maman’s Clemence Shorts
  • Jocole’s Shift Dress
  • ModKid’s Malibu Misses Dress
  • Love Notion’s Bluezette Dress
  • Violette Field Threads’s Ginger
  • Little Lizard King’s Petal Perfect Skirt
  • Greenstyle Creations’s Jillian Tank and Sports Bra
  • Terra’s Treasures’s Pier 7 Top

•$4.50 each for 6-7 ($27-31.50 total)
•$4.25 each for 8-9 ($34-38.25 total)
•$4.00 each for 10 or more ($40- $44 total)

We’re winding down to the last two days of the Women’s BundleUP sale. You’ve seen a lot of cool outfits whipped up already.

I had the pleasure of testing The Real Deal Jeans by Winter Wear Designs. Yes, I said jeans. The Real Deal Jeans!!! You have to make these!

These were tough for me. Not the sewing part; the fit part. However, that is nothing new for me. Store purchased jeans never fit correctly. When I say never…NEVER!! If I find a pair that fits in the waist then the jeans don’t fit my thighs. If I find jeans that fit my thighs then the jeans swallow my waist. I have been adding a belt pulled to the last hole and just going with it.

My body never ever behaves the way I’d like for it to. The mirror reflection is the worse. Most of the time my shirt is hanging over the waistband to hide what I don’t want you to see. So the RDJ were hard to get the right fit for me.

There were four fit muslins. Two tips: First, MAKE A MUSLIN in the fabric you’re going to use to make your final pair. In testing, we started with quilting cotton and those fit perfectly. Well, snug perfect…LOL! I was excited that I’d finally found the pants/jeans of my dreams. However, when I moved to stretchy jean fabric then size was all wrong. Just remember if you’re using really stretchy fabric (20% or more) you’ll need to size down. Second, DON’T GET FRUSTRATED! This is the best piece of advice I can offer! I’m surprised the jeans aren’t on the cutting room floor. However, I refuse to give up on a project.

I made several adjustments for fit. The RDJ are size 18 in the beginning. The upper thigh is increased to size 22. The waist is decreased to size 14 or 16. The leg from the knee down is left as a more full, semi boot cut. One of the ways I fit myself is sew the size recommended then turn the clothing inside out and pin a lot to get the right fit. I know this might not work for some; however, it works well for me.

I made a few mental mistakes while constructing. The first was zipper installation. You’ll notice that the zipper “stands out” on the pair above. I moved the zipper too close to the edge of the fly shield. The second mistake was not adjusting the back pocket placement after taking in the yoke and back seam. The third mistake was not taking the front and back inseams in far enough. I have a super low inseam. Taking in that particular seam would remove the wrinkled fabric across the front and back.

My most favorite part of testing was seeing everyone’s back pocket designs. My pockets are zippers and lace. The zippers aren’t functional, but complement the lace. The back pocket design gives hubby something to look at while I chase the kids.

The Real Deal Jeans give you the opportunity to sew jeans that fit properly. They are great especially for anyone that has problems with store purchased jeans. So how many are you going to sew for yourself? There are only 2 days left to BundleUP! Don’t wait!

If you missed my post about the Mykonos Tankini Collection…read about it here.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!! There are two different ones. First, the Giveaway for the entire bundle week. Click here for that one. Second, the Giveaway a Day only lasts ONE day.


13 thoughts on “{SALE} Women’s BundleUP: Real Deal Jeans

  1. Love the red top stitching and your jeans look great! I bought these in the bundle and look forward to making them. Thank you for the tips on the muslin. I’ve never used one but I will to make these jeans.


    • You’re welcome! I don’t normally make muslins; however, with this pattern it’s a good idea. I’d love to see what your jeans look like once you’ve finished!!


  2. Love those! Is that the julia cardigan by any chance you are wearing? I love it and was hoping it was something you made as well!


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