{FUN} Year One in the Books

Gosh! Year one is already on the books! When I started sewing again last year, I hoped my boys would have the same appreciation for the handmade items as I had as a child.  My sewing fun quickly evolved once I discovered PDF patterns. I’ve never looked back. This has been the most self fulfilling year so far.

Shortly, after posting a few items online, I need I needed a business name. The business needed a name that reflected to the days of old. A name that reflected upon the influence that my (great) aunts and Granny had on me. A name that would stand for the values instilled in me as a child. A name that would remind me often of the days spent at a special house on Benson Circle. I choose the name, HattieLu Handmade, to honor Granny and (great) aunt Lula Mae. So the name was easy! The logo was a lot harder. Since the business as about sewing, I wanted a sewing machine, but also wanted something for Granny. Greg Stovall, a high school classmate, took my jumbled thoughts about a sewing machine and roses and transformed them into HattieLu Handmade’s logo.



The roses represent Granny’s love of roses that filled her yard. From one end to the other, there were beautiful roses bushes everywhere! The sewing machine represents the vintage Singer that belonged to Granny and that my (great) aunts learned so many techniques. Greg did an excellent job combining all that emotion into one logo.

So, it’s been a year (actually a few months past) since I began this journey. There have been ups and downs, complete failures, forgotten techniques, new techniques learned, and far more joys! I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to sew for my family…just as Granny did all those years ago!

Taking a moment to realize all the things I’ve accomplished this year, I’m truly amazed. Each holiday my boys have a new outfit. When I’m tired of my handbag, I make a new one. The amount of self confidence that I’ve gained in a year is kick butt! Funny how some cloth, thread, and a machine can make you feel like a new person! This journey has truly been liberating. Moving from just a stay-at-home mom to a work-at-home mom has taught me some many things about life and what I want from it!

This journey all began with a raglan shirt and transformed into a full spring wardrobe. Here are some of the looks from the last year!

[easingslider id=”1097″]

So what’s my challenge for year two? To show that every woman can be empowered by embracing the gifts and talents she is given. Not to be afraid to embrace the lumps, bumps, curves, and imperfections that make you special! The most important thing is to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say “I love ME!’

I hope you’ll join me for year two!!


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