Has a pattern changed your life?

It’s been a very, very long time since I worked in the real world. These four apartment walls keep me “safe.” My profession three years ago was an apartment property manager. That’s right! I started that journey years ago (1998 to be exact).

Today (January 13); however, I saw a position that would work for me. The funniest part is I don’t have to leave these four walls (so to speak).

What are my strengths? That’s easy enough:

  • I absolutely 100% love to construct things (clothing, handbags, accessories, etc.). Guess that’s why I am blessed with three boys!
  • My greatest strength is I am not afraid to jump in head first. Some may view this as a weakness; however, there are so many things I would not have learned if I just sat on the sidelines.
  • I am not afraid, ashamed, embarrassed to ask for help! No matter how much I would like to think I knew everything; it is just not possible. There is a community of pattern makers, seamstresses, and designers that have a greater wealth of knowledge. In order for me to grow, I have to ask and be willing to learn and listen.

What are my weaknesses? That’s super hard:

  • My greatest weakness is that I am just a seamstress. I am able to make simple alterations to clothing, but nothing over the top (convert mom’s wedding dress to daughter’s dress). This weakness is one that I am working very hard to change by expanding my skills and knowledge.
  • Another weakness is my preference for patterns. It’s not that I couldn’t figure out how to draft the pattern on my own. I just prefer using a pattern. On the flip side, I can and have taken a pattern and drafted the appropriate alterations.

As many of you know most of my pattern collection is from indie designers whom I LOVE!!! Check my blog for the awesome designers!

The next question is what can I bring to the team? Pattern Revolution’s motto “encouraging and educating the modern sewist” is what interests me the most. I am appreciative of all the hard work and dedication the ladies of Pattern Revolution have already given! Pattern Revolution is not just about reviewing upcoming patterns. It’s about teaching something new, showing how to organize our well-loved sewing areas (or lack there of), or helping the next new designer realize her dream! I have the attitude to excel with Pattern Revolution and the experience to start contributing from day one! We can work together to continue to succeed in “encouraging and educating the modern sewist.”

For those that have followed my blog for a little while, you’ll know my EPIC fail was a Swoon Dorothy Daytripper (first Swoon bag)! When I say EPIC I mean EPIC! The construction of the bag was so difficult, frustrating, and challenging. At points, I wanted to throw the bag in the trash. However, I kept going. The end result was not perfect, but amazing that I finished! The bag lining was sewed to the exterior and then the entire bag was sewn together. Dorothy proves to me that with perseverance anything is possible; no matter what! Yes, I still carry my Dorothy every where I travel!

So fast forward to Tuesday (2/10)! I’m over the moon excited that I was selected as one of the newest members of Pattern Revolution!!! Congratulations to my fellow newbies: Ari, Ren, Rebekah, Kim, Lisa, and Rachel.

 Winter Wear Designs’ Riviera Romper Review

Have you ever “met” a pattern you were slightly afraid of trying? For many different reasons a new pattern can cause us to second guess what we know or don’t know. For me, personally, I take a more direct approach to sewing. I’m the “bad” seamstress. You know…the one who doesn’t muslin.

So you’re probably not going to believe that I was apprehensive about the Riviera Romper from Winter Wear Designs. Suzanne Winter released this pattern last summer. The pictures looked so awesome. I’m a larger girl (XXL in pdf patterns) with self-image issues so I’m always trying to guesstimate the testers size to see if the pattern would work for me. She was a new-to-me designer and fear won out until…

Boy, oh boy was I wrong! I’m in love with the ease of style, convenience of the whole outfit together, and the versatile options.

pattern revolution cover photo

Here are the highlights:

  • Available in sizes XXS to XXXL.
  • The pattern can be used to make each piece separately (i.e. top, capri pants, and shorts).
  • Option of cap sleeves or sleeveless
  • You’ll need to be able to gather or pleat.
  • The print page diagram is super helpful. Print only what you need.
  • The size chart can be printed when printing the pattern pieces.
  • The cutting measurements for the bindings was included on a printable pattern piece.

Pattern Revolution Photo 6

Take Suzanne’s suggestions to heart. First, it is important to size down if you’re in between sizes. Your fabric choice will also determine how well the Romper fits. The more the fabric drapes the smaller you’ll want to cut your pattern. Check your fit often. You won’t regret it!

Pattern Revolution Photo 5

The pattern is definitely a Beginner plus a little more. The gathering step is my weakness as a seamstress. Not because it’s hard or I can’t do it…it never lines up the way I think it should. If you ever need pleats, I’m your girl! The directions were a little confusing about how to attach the binding and sew center seams. Basically, you fold the binding like bias tape, then enclose the raw edge and edge  stitch. I emailed Suzanne about the center seams and she responded in less than a few hours even including a diagram of how to sew the center seams. Spot on customer care!

Pattern Revolution Photo 3

The Riviera Romper should take about four hours to cut and sew. Time is the hardest thing to quantify with three busy toddlers. Overall, the Riviera Romper is a fun, versatile pattern. You’ll be able to dress the Romper up for a date night or down for a day at the playground.

I look forward to making a difference with Pattern Revolution! You can follow me & all Revolutionaries here.

The newbie Revolutionaries blog also! Check out their “graded” reviews here:








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