{STYLE} January 2015 is a Wrap!

So, for those that follow along, I met some of my sewing goals for January. The “Just for ME January” hosted by SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress started the year off on the correct foot. There was a new challenge each month. You can learn more about what I sewed for Casual & Chic (week 1) and Date Night (week 2).

Karly at Paisley Roots is hosting “Shake It Off”. She’s shaking off 2014 and embracing 2015!

If you’re not a big fan of sewing for yourself. Don’t forget that Kids Clothing Week is February 2-8. The theme is UPCYCLE!

I participated last month in Sew Your Pattern Stash 2015 hosted by Bethany at Sew Not Perfect. It was exciting to get moving sewing the plethora of patterns that I’ve been hoarding. How many patterns do you have in your stash that are printed, but not sewn? Gosh, I dare not count!

I linked outfits to the Sew Your Pattern Stash 2015 and was randomly selected as a winner. My prize? A $15 gift card to Imagine Gnats. What did I order?


petal & plume: panache profundo in knit content: 95% cotton, 5% spandex width: 58-60″ type/weave: jersey knit stretch: 40% crosswise (2-way stretch) weight: 8 oz/yard

For the month of February, the theme for Sew Your Pattern Stash 2015 is Accessories and Pajamas. Read more about it here. Get your sew-jo going! Stay tuned for more from me in February!

How much of your goal for January did you accomplish? Share what you made in January. Didn’t reach your goal? Have no fear we’re only 5 days into February! That means you have 10 months left to rock the year!


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