{STYLE} Just for ME January

Just for ME January Week #1: Casual & Chic

I get the greatest joy from being a mama to three boys. Every boy sewing pattern ends up in our stash almost immediately. I do sew for myself; however, it’s mostly pattern testing for designers. It seems that once the test is done, I forget about myself. The best part about boys is they don’t really care, per se, about the outfit. They just care that “Mama made this.” Warms my heart every single time!

My New Year’s resolution is to sew something every week of 2015. If I’m brave enough, the goal is to sew something for everyone here. Who else to help give me the push to start the New Year off correctly than SisBoom Patterns and the Scientific Seamstress. Just for ME January is sure to be a hit.

So here’s the skinny {haha play on words}:

SisBoom; Scientific Seamstress, Style

Here’s my style…

The Jocole WideLeg Pants! What makes them so special? They fit perfectly! Yes, I said it!!!! I have the hardest time with store bought pants. Either they’re way too long, too tight in the waist, or too tight in the thigh. So if I purchase a pair of pants that fits in the thighs, you can guarantee that they’re falling off my waist.
Jocole WideLeg Pants; SisBoom Devon

The WideLeg Pants are “fitted” through the backside, but flare to be comfortable in the thighs. The yoga style waist band is super comfortable. I’m not pulling and tugging to keep the pants on because they fit perfectly. This is definitely the casual part for me. Jeans are the fastest thing to get on and moving in the morning. Well, sweatpants, but that’s just too casual for this challenge. I added embroidery to the pockets and the leg hem for some added chic! Don’t they make me look fabulous! LOL!

Jocole WideLeg Pants

Now on to the shirt…DEVON! Isn’t she super chic! Funny how this brings me full circle. Devon was the very first indie/pdf pattern I purchased. I sewed the knee length dress. So, Devon is special to me. She is a peasant style dress and top combination.

SisBoom Devon; Jocole WideLeg Pants

So what makes Devon so special. She’s extremely versatile. Add a little or a lot of finesse to Devon with pom-poms, lace, ruffles, bell sleeves…the options are endless. She can even be layered for winter.

Swoon Laney, SisBoom Devon, Jocole WideLeg Pants

I know what you’re thinking….what’s with the shoulder bag. Come on folks! The shoulder bag definitely completes this outfit. Meet Laney, a hobo style shoulder bag from Swoon Sewing Patterns in collaboration with Pellon. She’s the perfect size for quick on-the-go bag, produce bag, or even a lunch bag.

Swoon Laney; SisBoom Devon; Jocole WideLeg Pant

Welp, that’s a wrap on this week’s challenge! Wasn’t that fun! What’s your style? Now, I need your help for next week’s challenge. The theme is Date Night. Which fabric combination do you like best?

SisBoom, Joann

Choice #1: Jenny Eliza from Jennifer Paganelli & red gabardine from Joann Fabric & Craft Stores



Choice #2: Poly Paisley Beige and Denim Flocked Skin from Hancock Fabrics

If you’d like to know more about Scientific Seamstress, please click here. If you’d like to know more about SisBoom, please click here. If you’d like to know more about Jocole, please click here. If you’d like to know more about Swoon, please click here.

Personal note: The blog server crashed as I clicked to post and lost it all. Sorry if this second attempt doesn’t have the same flow as the original that floated into cyberspace.


9 thoughts on “{STYLE} Just for ME January

  1. What a great outfit! Love the pants and I’m eager to make the Laney, too! Thanks for linking up at Sew-Not-Perfect and joining us for Sew Your (Pattern) Stash! I have three boys as well (and two girls) and they love the things I make them – it DOES warm the heart. The other day my oldest was already dressed and I pulled a raglan I made him out of the basket to fold and he asked if he could change into that shirt instead 🙂 Good luck with your goal to make something once a week!


  2. I just love this! I actually just bought that fabric you used for your Devon tonight at Joanns! SOOOO excited about it! I’m totally digging your choice #1 for date night! Can’t wait to see what you make! 😀


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