Serge w/out a Serger

So glad I found this! I haven’t invested in a serger, but have been dying to know how to clean edges without rolling the hem.

Cheap but Chic

First tutorial of the new year has to be one of my highly requested videos; How to serge without a serger.

Ok. So if you are one of those that are holding off on purchasing a serger because of it’s high price, this tutorial is for you.  To those of you that have no clue what a serger is or why serging may help you when sewing, I can help answer those questions.

Serging: a sewing machine that overcasts the raw edges of a fabric with a V-shaped stitch.

Why Serge? Serging creates a clean edge, helps prevent fraying, allows for greater stability of your garment.

What Type of Fabric Requires Serging?Fabric that tends to fray such as: linen, cotton, tweed, etc.

Ok. So here is the tutorial on how to serge without a serger. This technique has been around for many years. I just decided to give my fresh take on…

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