{UPCOMING} Ladies BundleUP~Everything Your Mama Made


Are you ready? I am beyond ready for the newest sale presented by Pattern Revolution!! Remember the girls sale a few months back? Well, move over little ladies, it’s time for the mamas to shine!

I must admit that I’m completely bias about this one. Since I don’t have girls (all boys here) this is the most exciting thing I can imagine in the Pattern Revolution world. So what designers are featured this time? Some of my most favorite…or “my bees knees” designers!

Now listen, the next designer is shut the front door good! Who comes up with a kick butt skirt inspired by my favorite flower, Calla Lily, AND a cardigan/duster. Who else, but Everything Your Mama Made!!!

Women’s Calla Lily Skirt

  • Available in sizes XS to 5XL.
  • Here’s the bonus: Check out EYMM’s blog for a tutorial on how to make the skirt pictured below.




Four Season Cardigan & Duster

Get ready for the best addition to your wardrobe!! The Four Season Cardigan and Duster will rock your world! Available in sizes XS to 5XL. So you ask, “How versatile is this pattern?”

Got sleeves? Well maybe you don’t need them. This pattern offers none, short, 3/4 length, long, and extra long. CHECK!!!

Do you need a hood for the chilly movie theater? CHECK!!!

Do you need a basic cardigan/duster for a night on the town? CHECK!!!

And guess what!? You can make the cardigan or duster either as long or as short as you’d like! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!




So ready, set, bundle up TONIGHT at midnight EDT!!

Visit Pattern Revolution & get your Bundle on!


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