{UPCOMING} Ladies BundleUP~Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants

pattern revolution bundle upAre you ready? I am beyond ready for the newest sale presented by Pattern Revolution!! Remember the girls sale a few months back? Well, move over little ladies, it’s time for the mamas to shine!

I must admit that I’m completely bias about this one. Since I don’t have girls (all boys here) this is the most exciting thing I can imagine in the Pattern Revolution world. So what designers are featured this time? Some of my most favorite…or “my bees knees” designers!


Have you met Jocole? I literally own all but one of her ladies’ patterns. She styles clothes that work for a long day at the office and a super relaxed night. The biggest bonus is that her pattern actually fit every curve of a “plus sized” woman. That’s jocole2right size 20 and up fits right in here. So what’s Jocole bringing to the table for the Ladies BundleUP?

  • Ladies Skinny Pants
  • Peplum Top

I had the honor of testing the Ladies Skinny Pants. Yes, they do fit size 16-18 perfectly. I encourage you to make a muslin for these to get the perfect butt curving, skinny leg possible.


So ready, set, bundle up TONIGHT at midnight EDT!!

Visit Pattern Revolution & get your Bundle on!


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